Over a period of 8 to 12 weeks,ShareSource will work with you through a 4 stage process of recruiting and onboarding the required number of STEM professionals for your business:

Stage 1 - Planning

ShareSource will spend time getting to know your objectives and task requirements through strategy sessions,planning and workshops. Your organisation’s longer term goals are a primary consideration and for those new to managing remote teams,we also provide excellent training.

However,our planning stage also goes beyond mere box-ticking. Through years of experience we’ve learnt that your outsourcing success will depend on a strong cultural fit - the culture we build together and the values that bridge the gap between your local team and your offshore team. Our goal is to align the business culture in order to create an inclusive space where individuals will be motivated to learn,progress and achieve. This is the key to our successful retention model and it’s the foundation on which we will build your team.

Stage 2 - Recruiting

Through the use of print and online advertising as well as reaching out to our extensive database,we’ll accept a range of applications for the job. From this group of applicants we’ll narrow down the selection to a group of potential candidates with suitable STEM skills for the roles required.

Each candidate is then screened and tested to determine if they have the overall professional,technical and temperament requirements to make them the perfect fit for your organisation. This selection of candidates is presented to you for consideration and available for interview with your senior management.

Stage 3 - Onboarding

Once you have decided on the successful recruit,ShareSource will engage with and employ your new team member. They’ll go through our standard induction covering all HR policies and procedures and we’ll then set up their workstation in our secure office space,alongside our other full-time STEM employees. We’re also focused on creating a strong and supportive work culture and making them feel welcomed into their new workplace.

Your offshore team member will also complete your company’s induction to gain an understanding of the role requirements,your expectations,the company’s mission,values and culture and any relevant policies and procedures. You’ll introduce them to the people they’ll be working with and the management who will be overseeing their tasks.

Stage 4 - Ongoing

This stage is all about achieving your company goals and managing performance. We also focus on workplace satisfaction to ensure that we retain these valuable talent members. ShareSource has a local management team to deal with issues and requirements plus we handle all of the HR,payroll and legal compliance obligations on your behalf,including performance reviews.

The talent member is also allocated a Success Manager. This person acts as a career coach and counsellor and will be available when needed as well as for monthly one-to-one meetings. Talent members will also participate in our training and education program to help develop their professional abilities and enhance their interpersonal skills.

Your local team will manage the offshore team member’s work tasks and will communicate with them as to expectations,achievements and the quality of work.

We look forward to partnering with you throughout this entire process.

If you’d like to know more about how STEM talent at ShareSource can help super-charge your business,please click here to get in touch.