Offshoring first began in the 1970s when large manufacturers began to outsource their high process, low-skill work to developing countries. In more recent times, with the advent of technological developments such as Skype, Slack, Google and Zoom, and the increase in the quality of education in some developing countries, offshoring has become ubiquitous across a range of industries requiring specialised talents from highly skilled and educated professionals.

Established in 2013, ShareSource has grown to become a specialist in the STEM recruitment field, bridging the gap between business and the global talent marketplace.

We now operate 3 team hubs based in the Philippines, Vietnam and soon Columbia. Our mission is to provide meaningful work and experiences for STEM graduates in developing countries. We’re passionate about being a global citizen and focus on long term talent growth and personal development of our people.

We have built a value-based organisation and pride ourselves on living our values of:

  • making a social impact
  • being proactive
  • creating value
  • being fair, open and honest
  • adding fun, passion and love

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