The future of your organisation depends on its ability to grow and scale, however recruiting the best talent to make this happen is likely to be one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face. That’s where ShareSource can assist. As an extension of your management team, we’ll find and recruit talented STEM graduate from a global marketplace, who fulfill the roles you require in a relatively short period of time.

With ShareSource bridging the gap between your business and your offshore team, we’ll ensure that your newly recruited talent hit the ground running. We place them in a work environment that’s technically and socially geared for focus and productivity so that they can add value to your organisation from the moment they begin working with you.

Financial resources tend to be stretched to their limits during periods of business growth but by utilising an offshore solution, your organisation can scale in a cost effective manner. You’ll still employ the talent you require to fuel your business growth, but by hiring from a lower cost economy, you’ll potentially save up to 70% of human resources costs and achieve a higher return on investment, sooner.

The flexibility that comes with offshore recruitment means that your business can engage with the skilled workforce you need, when you need it. ShareSource is responsible for the contractual and legal obligations which includes both the engagement and dismissal of talent as well as managing short term contracts and probationary periods. With these tasks taken care of, your local workforce and management team can focus on the project tasks at hand and ensure quality output from your new team members.

“ShareSource is dedicated to providing the talent solution you need to grow your business in the most cost effective way possible but without the added administrative burden that usually comes with managing offshore talent.”

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