Reducing fixed costs, especially during periods of organisational growth is often an unachievable goal for businesses. The more you grow, the more talent you need and the more infrastructure you require to accommodate your growing team.

Offshoring provides the unique benefit of not only reducing fixed costs but also turning much of your costs into variable costs. You pay for the salary of talent as you need them and ShareSource takes care of the office space, computer and workstation set up, security and internet connectivity - all the costs associated with a new talent member.

What’s more, we also take on the HR and contractual responsibilities for those talent members including leave liabilities that would usually affect the overall financial position of a company. By reducing your overall fixed costs, you also reduce your operational leverage and risk, should you experience a significant drop in turnover as a result of market changes.

Essentially, ShareSource helps fuel your business growth with the professional talent you require, while saving you up to 70% on your overall human resources costs. These kinds of savings together with the reduced hassle of human resource management is the reason why offshore outsourcing has become such a success story for so many organisations.

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