Finding talented STEM professionals in a local market is not only difficult but also usually comes at a cost that will blow out your budget. There’s quite simply a very finite and expensive pool of local talent when it comes to analysts, developers, data engineers and statisticians, and as a result, more and more organisations are turning to the global talent market.

ShareSource is your key to accessing talent that’s outside of your local market. There are skilled, proactive, educated, experienced professionals and newly graduated juniors who are a perfect fit for your company. And we can make the introductions!

Our mission is to provide meaningful, interesting and challenging work for STEM graduates in developing countries while providing businesses with access to top talent that will meet their business needs. This goal ensures we approach every recruitment with a view from both sides of the process. The planning and workshops we conduct with you, will clearly define your requirements so that we find the right professionals to suit your specific business needs.

We select the individuals together with you, to ensure they are perfect for the roles, and as part of our assessment, each candidate will be tested to ascertain their skill levels. We believe in having high expectations and have found that offshore teams are more than capable of competing on matched KPIs with your local team.

Once we have successfully located smart, motivated, and qualified people, you’re able to choose who you would like to interview, who you would like to hire, and how your onboarding process will work. And ShareSource will provide the top-level support you need to make this happen.

ShareSource is all about people. We believe that in order to get the best talent, we must provide meaningful work and by partnering with you, we can achieve an outstanding outcome for all involved.

If you’d like to know more about how STEM talent at ShareSource can help super-charge your business, please click here to get in touch.