Co-Manage Offshore Staff

We ‘co-manage’ your offshore team and the processes as follows:

To Co-Manage Offshore Staff – you must…

  1. you interview your prospective team member, make the final call and decide on start dates etc.
  2. you allocate workload and tasks along with planning with your team members. Their time belongs to you 100%.
  3. you are responsible with your team member for job outcomes and getting the job done.
  4. you are responsible for checking the person’s work and quality control.
  5. you are responsible for ensuring local supervisors do their jobs effectively.

To Co-Manage Offshore Staff – we will…

  1. we work with you to clarify processes and the work that needs to be done.
  2. we recruit the right person with you (we source, test and finalise our agreements.)
  3. we organise facilities in our modern offices, including internet access and standard computer equipment.
  4. we manage the induction and the ‘on boarding process’. Our extensive induction ensures they hit the ground running and includes cultural training by our qualified TESOL teacher.
  5. we assist where required with your training and are close at hand on your teams’ start date.
  6. we manage and process their monthly pay, you just pay your monthly fee.
  7. we handle all HR and labor law issues. They are our company employees and not yours.
  8. we review performance on a regular basis and provide advice to the team as to improvements that can be made.
  9. we work with our clients and teams to build careers.
  10. we deal with problems as they arise.

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