Sharesource Platform

Engaging with your team to ensure success


Ensure team is engaged, happy and aligned with culture and values,

  • Conduct monthly one-on-one meetings with all team members to check satisfaction and proactively lead the team.
  • Provide career advice and mentoring for team members to encourage and develop skills.
  • Communicate progress to stakeholders.


Ensure teams are recruited, employed and managed in line with contractual obligations and best practise.

  • Conduct recruitment processes to ensure that the best people are employed for the task.
  • Engage individuals as employees of Sharesource with six months of probation and then as permanent staff.
  • Pay individuals in accordance with contractual obligations and ensure all statutory and legal compliances are met under Philippine law.
  • Manage and administer annual performance reviews.


Ensure reasonable facilities are provided to allow the team to produce their best work

  • provide suitable office space.
  • provide standard office furniture.
  • provide internet access.

Customers have some work too 🙂

–  Interview your prospective team members and select teams.

–  Allocate workload and task, check work quality and manage performance.

–  Responsible for checking the person’s work and quality control.

–  Treat individuals with respect at all times and ensure team members do as well.