Back End Developer

📍 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam I Davao/ Makati, Philippines

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We are in search of a seasoned Back-End Web Developer who is motivated and eager to make a difference. You’ll be responsible for maintaining and growing the backend services that enable us to deliver incredible experiences through our technology. We run a mindful micro-services architecture split into 2 product areas. Our services are written in Java, Python, and Go and heavily rely on Kafka for data flows. 


  • Maintain and improve the current services and architecture of both apps.
  • Work closely with the Founders and the product function to understand requirements, produce solutions, write automation testing, and deploy continuous delivery pipelines.
  • Recommend and suggest improvements to the stack of web technologies in collaboration with the team.
  • Use best practices in software development and API architecture to deliver APIs that are attractive for other users (both internal and external) to adopt.
  • Create the necessary testing capabilities for the application, e.g., unit and browser-based automated testing using existing services as needed.
  • Ensure that the services are scalable.
  • Ensure that security is top of mind through every line of code - we can hold very private information!
  • Thrive in a role that allows for a lot of autonomy yet requires close collaboration at important integration points.


  • 4 years of software development experience with proficiency in back end development
  • Experience with asynchronous designs around queues (Kafka mainly) and REST APIs in a microservices context
  • Excellent software engineering skills and best practices, including unit testing and CI/CD
  • Expertise in one (preferably more!) of the following: Java, Python, Go
  • Experienced with AWS, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Knowledge of OAuth2 (we use Auth0)
  • Experience in choosing and integrating data storage and access in RDBMS and NoSQL stores
  • Experience with FFMpeg video processing
  • Good to have some knowledge of React.js


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