The Sharesource Process

Finding and employing the right team is easy

Offshoring is different with ShareSource

Our model lies between traditional outsourcing and owning your own business overseas. We take the best of both via our Managed Off-shore Operations.

  • We establish, host and help manage the team.
  • Your initial investment and ongoing costs are as low as possible.
  • You retain full control.
  • Your rollout will be faster, with less risk.
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Step #1 - Understanding the work

One of our Australian transition managers will work with your business to understand the business processes or tasks that need to be done.


Step #2 - Implementation planning

We carefully plan the implementation with you. Areas reviewed include: the overall schedule of the roll out; IT and data considerations and training plans.

Step #3 - Sourcing

Our talent team in the Philippines will source the right person for the role. We use a range of methods to find the right person including advertising, LinkedIn and Facebook searches.

Step #4 - Screen, test and decide

We test the candidates extensively to ensure that they can do the tasks you need done well. We also make sure they will be part of the team, have enthusiasm and will add value to your business. It’s a full process. We close the deal and bring them on board.

Step #5 - Train and start

ShareSource has an extensive training process that ensures the team starts well. We will work with your managers and team to make sure it’s a seamless, hassle free process. Importantly, we provide training for onshore managers and team leaders to make the process work.

Step #6 - Co-manage

At the end of the day, you want the team to deliver, whether it’s one person or ten. We will be with you every step of the way. We work with our clients to make sure their new offshore team gets the job done in our state-of-art offices in the Philippines. ShareSource not only provides the necessary facilities but also, more importantly, the leadership and the human touch that all teams require. We will help your managers and your offshore team to make it happen.

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